super 8 instruction manual diagrams

Canon AutoZoom 814

  1. Eyepiece Diopter correction. Loosen lock ring, then turn eyepiece until focus grid is as sharp as possible.
  2. Power Zoom.
  3. Film Plane. Measure from this mark for manual focus distance.
  4. Manual or Automatic exposure (aperture) selection
  5. Manual diaphragm control. O=Open, C=Closed. Refer to f-stop scale at bottom of viewfinder while you turn this dial. Can also be used to fade out / fade in while shooting.
  6. Operating switch. R = Run, RC RL = Remote Control Run Lock (continuous run).
  7. Manual Zoom
  8. Focus (Note: for best focus, zoomed in and focus at telephoto, than zoom back to shoot)
  9. Remote control (pushbutton electric switch w. micro plug)
  10. Footage indicator. 50 feet = approx 3 minutes at 18 fps
  11. Battery test buttons, meter and drive/zoom
  12. Film Door latch
  13. Built-in Color Correction Filter (IMPORTANT for correct color balance, using Kodachrome, leave "sun" showing when shooting under natural light, switch to "bulb" under tungsten lights indoors)
  14. Latch for folding handle
  15. Single-frame cable release socket
  16. Continuous run cable release socket
  17. Filming button

  18. Electric Eye (meter) batteries. Takes two PX-625 equivalent. (Note: 1.3v mercury cells no longer available in US for environmental reasons. For meter accuracy, recommend 1.35v Zinc-Air cells, not 1.5v alkaline)
  19. Film movement indicator. Stops rotating when end of cartridge is reached (you will also hear less chatter when the cartridge runs out)
  20. Eyepiece shutter. Close when using camera on a tripod, to prevent light leakage from viewfinder. (When shooting normally, your eye blocks the light.)
  21. Battery compartment. 4 AA cells for film drive motor and power zoom motor.
  22. Filming speeds. 18 frames per second is normal amateur speed, 3 minutes per 50 foot cartridge. 24 fps is slow motion or normal speed if transferring to video or printing to 16 or 35mm (!). 12 fps is fast motion.
  23. Battery test gauge.

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