super 8 instruction manual diagrams

Canon AutoZoom 512XL Electronic


  1. Focus ring; use split image in viewfinder for critical focus
  2. Macro Mode pull up and hold while turning lens to engage (lens does not zoom in macro mode)
  3. Zoom ring
  4. Running speed frames per second
  5. Footage counter
  6. Battery test
  7. Eyepiece diopter correction (inside eyeshade) turn until split image is sharp
  8. Film door release button (inside eyeshade)
  9. Trigger
  10. Manual exposure control, pull out to engage, turn to set aperture
  11. Switch Off, Run, Run Lock, Single frame. Turn Off to conserve battery (electric eye).
  12. Film motion indicator
  13. Jack for remote control (not a cable release, a switch on a wire). Note: press remote button to fire, press & slide to lock.
  14. Canon Auto Zoom 512 XL Electronic


  15. Power Zoom
  16. Daylight Filter release. IMPORTANT: insert red "key" or screw in movie light before using color daylight film under tungsten lamps. This removes the built-in 85A color correction filter.
  17. Lock for folding handle
  18. Red "key" for daylight filter release
  19. Batteries insert into grip

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