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Canon 310XL

Canon 310XL Super 8 movie camera

Download the entire Canon 310XL Instruction Manual here (3.1 MB zip file)

Canon 310XL Features

The Canon 310XL is a photography system that enables the shooting of dark subjects and indoor shooting, without any additional light, because of its fast lens and wide-angle shutter, and because of the high speed film which is used with it. It is a slim and compact camera with specifications that will satisfy not only the beginning photographer, but, as a second camera, expert photographers as well.

The Fastest (f/1.0) 3X Zoom Lens in the World

With the fastest lens of any 8mm movie camera, the Canon 310XL can clearly catch even very dimly lit subjects. Despite the speed of f/1.0, its newly designed lens construction of 13 elements in 11 groups obtains sharp picture images without flare at full aperture and excellent color balance. In addition, the Canon 310XL is most suitable for home movies with a considerable depth of field and wide angle within its focal length of 8.5mm - 25.5mm.

Easy Close-up Photography using the Macro-photography Mechanism

The macrophotography mechanism enables one to shoot close-up photography without attaching any accessories. It can focus at a point 21.5 cm from the film plane indicator by a simple adjustment of the macro set lever. The field size is then 84.4 x 118mm.

Bright Viewfinder with Filming Information

The viewfinder has a large exit pupil to precisely catch dark subjects. Furthermore, the battery check, macro-indication, underexposure warning mark and film transport indicator are all contained in the viewfinder.

Easy-to-Carry, Slim, Compact Design

Even though the Canon 310XL is a camera with a large aperture f/1.O lens, it has an extremely compact design. The diameter of the filter is only 43mm and the camera body is but 39mm wide.

High Performance Exposure Meter with IC

The exposure is accurately metered because there is a built-in high performance exposure meter with an IC within the metering circuit which is designed also to control the change in voltage. As for the power source, 2 penlight 1 .5V batteries are used to power the film transport, auto zoom and exposure metering functions.

Other Characteristics

Exposure control plate for shooting against the light. A safety switch prevents accidental shooting. One set of batteries conveniently powers all the electric functions. Viewfinder Information.

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