super 8 movie camera instruction manual
Canon Auto Zoom 518

View the entire Canon Auto Zoom 518 Instruction Manual or download it here (1.9 MB zip file) and also see the instructions for the accessory Canon Wide-Converter and Tele-Converter for Canon 518.

Main Features of Your Super 8 Camera

  1. Uses Super 8 film cartridge - 50% larger picture area
  2. Simple cartridge loading with automatic film speed setting
  3. Sharp and fast F1.8 5-times soom lens with zooming range of 9.5-47.5mm. Extendable to 15.6-78mm with Tele-COnverter.
  4. Automatic through-the-lens exposure control with CdS meter.
  5. Single-lens reflex viewing and microprism screen rangefinder for accurate focusing.
  6. Powered film drive and zooming.
  7. Manually operable aperture.
  8. 18 fps normal filming speed and slow motion.
  9. Easy-to-hold built-in trigger grip.

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