super 8 cameras and collectible movie equipment

visual encyclopedia of Super 8
I've been collecting pictures of Super 8 equipment. It's amazing what a variety of equipment was manufactured during the heyday! I've got more than 1,400 pictures in the mondofoto visual encyclopedia of super 8.

instruction manuals
I have a section of this site with a few instruction manuals for Super 8 movie cameras, projectors, and editing equipment. Let me know if you are looking for a particular manual, I may have it in my collection

Super 8 Wiki
I've recently launched the Super 8 Wiki, where Super 8 enthusiasts can build an information repository. Popular pages include information on using the new Ektachrome 64T in old cameras, and repair tips for the Leicina Special.

News Last update: August 27, 2005
ABOUT THIS SITE: This is a part-time hobby for me. I can't resist movie equipment, so I decided that an Internet mail-order store would be the perfect excuse to keep buying cameras. For the moment my stock list is not online but please send me an email if you are looking for something in particular. - Reed Sturtevant

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